East Midlands Pest Control & Wildlife Management Services

Welcome to Charnwood Environmental Services.  We have been providing effective pest control and wildlife management services since 1988.  We pride ourselves on being a rapid, on-demand service as well as providing on-going pest prevention to all types of customers.  We do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ ideology and we tailor all our control and prevention services to any individual client’s needs.
Our Services:
  • Full Pest Control Solutions
  • Woodland & Wildlife Management
  • Traditional Mole Trapping
  • Damp Control & Proofing
  • Timber Treatment & Restoration
  • Pest Surveying & Auditing

Domestic & Household

We offer a range of pest control and wildlife management services dedicated to the householder and their specific needs.


The single visit treatment

If you have a simple pest problem such as ants, or a wasps nest we offer a single visit treatment, which surveys your property, identifies the cause of the problem and eradicates it.


The two visit treatment, e.g. for rodents

Certain problems cannot be rectified in one visit and require a follow up.  The first visit will survey the property, identify the cause of the problem and carry out the initial treatment.  The follow up visit will then ensure that the problem has been controlled and any additional treatment required is applied.


Ongoing pest prevention contract

Where due to a property type and location ongoing re-infestation of pests occurs, we can offer a service agreement where we make regular visits to ensure pests are controlled before they become a problem.


Pest proofing service

Where nuisance pests are getting into your property, we offer a full range of products and services to exclude all types of pests from your property.  We would be very happy to undertake a quote or estimate for this.  Click here for more information.


Timber treatment and damp proofing

We offer a full service for the prevention of woodworm and wet/dry rot.  A full qualified carpentry service for timber replacement and a Construction Chemicals approved damp proofing service with 30 year guarantees available.

Commercial & Agriculture


How much will one bug cost your business? 

By the time you've found out, it's too late. Bad news travels fast and a pest found by a customer can be spread over the Internet in minutes. Social media and review sites can be updated before you are aware of the problem. You've worked long and hard to build up your reputation so we aim to protect it. We'll take the measures necessary so that your customers see you in the best possible light. We promise to be there fast, if ever you do have a problem.


Keeping you covered and within the law 

Business premises are subject to environmental and health & safety legislation and we'll keep you within the law and ensure you meet government requirements.

Problems caused by pests are numerous, such as fires started by rodent damage to electrical cabling. Many insurance companies require you to have an effective pest control system in place to prevent these problems. We design pest control systems for all your insurance requirements.


Your Service agreement

Put your trust in Charnwood Environmental Services. We'll draw up a pest control plan tailored to your business requirements. You'll receive regular visits as we take the steps necessary to keep your business pest free.


Technical inspections and Audits 

We check and monitor your pest control, hygiene and storage practices to ensure they reach the highest possible standards.  We can also carry out audits that match the needs of your business or, if an independent auditor is required, our associates, Killgerm chemicals, can carry them out for you.